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Girish Daswani

The Care Crisis in the Philippines: Children and Transnational Families in the New Global Economy Rachel Salazar Parrenas - A growing crisis of care around the world - Women in the Philippines take it upon themselves to provide care for their family - The women are mostly the migrant workers - Some women leave behind their children - Women in the Philippines and those in post-industrial suffer from “stalled revolution” - The government prefers if the migrant women workers were not mothers because they think that mothers that leave their children behind are causing families to deteriorate with children being abandoned and a crisis of care in the Philippines - Think that emigrated mothers that leave their children will lead them to drugs, gambling and drinking - The children left behind become a burden to their society - They think that the children are victims of rape and incest and the mother has something to do with it - Not all children experienced their mother’s migration as an abandonment – some of them understood why they had to leave and some of them received help from extended families and communities so there was no hardship - Philippines have become dependent on the remittances - Some of the migrant women workers are nannies and they find it difficult to care for children that are not theirs - The children growing up without their mothers find it difficult – they are growing up in transnational households - Ellen – story about 21 year old who hasn’t seen her mother in 10 years o Although she hasn’t they still remain very close and she knows that she loves her o Ellen is successful in school and is a medical student o This shows that the government and Philippine media is portraying the idea of abandoned children wrongly and Ellen is not one of them, nor has she become a burden to their society - The scalabrini migration center – nongovernmental organization for migration research in Philippines o Surveyed 709 elementary school children o Children did have feelings towards being alone but it did not mean they were going to be lazy and unrul
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