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Girish Daswani

Lecture 2 CONCEPTUALIZING THE GLOBAL Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy Arjun Appadurai World is a large-scale interactions for many centuries now Cultural transactions between social groups in the past have been generally restricted o By the facts of geography and ecology, and other times by active resistance to interactions with the other Where there are cultural interactions across the globe, it is for the long- distance journey of commodities and for travelers and explorers Before this century, cultural interactions have been warfare and religions of conversion Problems of time, distance and limited technology for the command of resources across vast spaces has kept the bridging of cultures sustained only with great efforts Cultural connections have changed because of the expansion of the west since 1500 and partly because of the development of large and aggressive social formations These developments of social groups, otherwise known as ecumenes, introduced congeries of money, commerce, conquest, and migration which began to create double cross-societal bonds o This was accelerated by the development of technology Print capitalism, the power of mass literacy and its attendant large-scale production of projects of ethnic affinity Issue of constructed ethnicities With the technological innovations of cars, travelling through airplanes, computers and telephone, at a distance we are all still neighbours www.notesolution.com
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