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Girish Daswani

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Eritrea Goes Global Reflections onNationalism in a Transnational EraThe Eritrean government promptly set up a national defense bank account and the donations flowed in It is worth noting moreover that these donations were not earmarked as humanitarian aid to alleviate the suffering caused by war but were aimed at bolstering the Eritrean states capacity to wage warAs these activities suggest nationalism remains a burning passion for Eritreans and one that is not dimmed by their transnational mobility or participation in global circuitsFor Eritreans nationalism and transnationalism do not oppose each other but intertwine in complexwa ys in the globalized spaces of diaspora in cyberspace and in new definitions of citizenship and statecitizen relations advanced by the Eritrean stateThe rise of transnational connections is causing the nation to decline in importance We are at the dawn of a postnational era in which the nationstate as a complex modern political form is on its last legs and that globalization is a definite marker of a new crisis for the sovereignty of nationstatesThis article explores the relation between nationalism and transnationalism in constructions of Eritrean nationhood It seeks to reveal how and why nationalism and the nationstate remain significant for Eritreans not only despite global linkages but because of themNation is about boundaries about inclusions and exclusions about members and outsiders about where one sovereignty ends and another beginsI see transnationalism in such thin
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