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Girish Daswani

thFirst set of readings Jan 10 2012Tracking Global Flows by Javier Inda and RosaldoSnapshot 1 youth working in the factories Production goal each day if accomplished then promised more if no then deducted from paycheck4US Snapshot 2 In Germany the Muslim Turkish refuses to integrate into the society offers the women protection when they decide to run away from their families and freely integrate into the German society Snapshot 3 Russian and MacDonald demonstrators AntiAmerican often use the fast food chain as dispersal areas Snapshot 4 In Nigeria the Indian pop culture has influences Nigerian culture to an extremity Snapshot 5 1994 Hong Kong women demand legal change and freedom to inherited land In front of the Legislative Council building women are protesting another conservative groupprotest again the inheritance law and carry banner that state that this would underminetraditionGlobalization this term refers to the intensification of global interconnectedness suggesting a world full of movement and mixture contact and linkages and persistent cultural interaction and exchangeIts a world where borders and boundaries have become increasingly porous allowing more and more people and cultural to cast into intense and immediate contact with each otherEach case demonstrates a specific mobility and cultural flowNo doubt that the world as a whole is shrinkingThe world isnt shrinking for everyone in some places people do not have action to communication or mobilities 1980s globalization have become the hottest topic in the academic world Anthropology is concerned with the articulation of the local and globalmicro Globalization implies a fundamental reordering of time and spaceDavid Harvey timespacecompression which refers to the manner in which the speeding up of economic and social processes has experientially shrunk the globe so that distance and time no longer appear to be major constrains on the organization of human activity in such a way that time has overcomeannihilated the barriers of space Antony Giddens considers globalization to involve a profound reorganization of time and space in social and cultural life Interlocking of the local and globalTimespace distinction which refers to the conditions under which time and space are organized so as to connect presence and absencefostering relations between absent others locationally distant from any given situation of face to face interactionEveryone continues to live their local lives their world at some extent become global as distant events have an impact on local spacesReterritorialized the process of reinscribing culture in new timespace contexts it doesnt mean culture has lost its place The Deterritorialization the general weakening of the ties between culture and placeCulture as the order of life in which human beings construct meaning through practices of symbolic representation tied to the idea of fixed territory James Clifford has noted expectation of roots of a stable territorialized existenceGlobalization has radically pulled culture apart from the place territory
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