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Antb20; Orientalism by Edward Said

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Girish Daswani

Orientalism by Edward Saidorient has been an European inventionA place of romance exotic beings hunting memorieslandscapes experiencesHave a European representation of the orientAmericans will view the Orient as associated with the far East china japan Orientalism a way of coming to terms with the orient that is based on the European experienceThe orient is not only adjacent to Europe but also the richestgreatest and oldest colonies source of its civilizations languages cultural and recurring imagine of the OtherThe Orient has helped Europe to show a contrasting imagine idea experience personalityThe academic world talks about orientalism but the term is not preferred by specialiststh Appeared in 18 century with a regulated traffic between the 2 in the academic worldOrientalism is a style of thought based upon an antological and epistemological distinction made between the orient and the OccidentMany writes have defined the distinction between East and WestOrientalism can be described and analyzed as the corporate institution for dealing with OrientWithout examining Orientalism one cannot understand the disciple by which the European culture was able to manage and even producethe orient politically sociologically militarily ideologically scientifically and imaginatively during the postEnlightenment period In the authors opinion nobody can write or think without taking in account the limitations on thought and action that Orientalism imposes on usUntil the end of WW2 the OrientOrientalism
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