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ANTB20; Global Shadows (b) Africa and the World by Ferguson

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Girish Daswani

Global Shadows b Africa and the World by Fergusona continent fifth of the worlds land surface 800 million people livewe always hear about Africa as being in trouble or failureAfrica keeps being described through a series of lackabsences often describes as the dark continent or as a comparison to the western world which sheds a light on itAnthropology implicated in Western constructions of Africa but also elaborated the ideas of Africa as defined by tradition simple societies without history The variety of Africas locality and tradition suppresses the description of it as a whole The world refers to a more encompassing categorical system within which countries and geographical regions have their places with a place understood as both a location in space and a rank in a system of social categories place in the worldNegative assumption about Africa are the main reason for underinvestmentInvestors are unable to distinguish among countries tend to give negative attributes to the entire region Couple of attempts have been made to help the economy and poverty of Africa but have failed and led to corruption and rentseekers Multiparty elections manipulated by the international leaders prono
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