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Chapter 4

Week 5 TDBTM chapter 4 notes

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Girish Daswani

Chapter 4 Sex Tourism and the Political Economy of Masculinity Jimmys Bar and Grill was a popular place for male tourists who travelled to the island to meet Dominican women A North American man got ripped off when he went to the mechanics in the Dominican. So he went to tell the police, but they said, no hablo ingles, so the N.A. man, put his wife on the phone to speak to them. She was a Dominican woman who came from a police careered family and whose father was the general of the police who would not listen to the N.A. man. When the wife spoke, the police started shitting their paints and arrested the mechanic and put him in jail. The N.A. man received all 2000 pesos back o This story narrated the mastering of social differences- cultural, linguistic, political through exercise of control over women Symbolic coherence and practical articulation of increasingly global social hierarchies rely on imagining and exercising this heteronormative model of masculinity The selling of sexuality
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