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Girish Daswani

RosaldoSpeeding it upDavid Harvey conceptualizes globalization principally as a manifestation of the changing experience of time and space He captures this change in the notion of timespace compression which refers to the manner in which the speeding up of economic and social processes has exponentially shrunk the globe so that distance and time no longer appear to be major constraints on the organization of human activityIn other words the pressures of technological and economic change have continually collapses time and space in such as way that time has overcome or annihilated the barriers of spaceStretching it outWhile Harvey focuses on the general speedup of economic and social processes Giddens is more preoccupied with the stretching of social life across time and space He captures this in the notion of timespace distanciation which refers to conditions under which time and space are organized so as to connect presence and absenceThe basic argument is that social life consists of two fundamental kinds of social interaction The first entails face to face contact Here people engage directly with each other as they about their everyday lives in what are often closely bounded local spacesThe second form consists of more remote encounters those made possible by transport and communications systems those that people engage in across space and timeThe first type of interaction tends to predominate in premodern societies These are socie
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