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Girish Daswani

GreenExamines how some Mayan youth factory wage workers and their families experience and give meaning to new work relations as a result of the ongoing globalization of the labour marketThis article builds on the insights of research on factory daughters in export production that have explored the relationship between capitalist exploitation changes in gendered and family relations and identityThree ways of modernization and the production of inequalitiesGross inequalities between Mayan Indians and nonindian elites can be traced back to the colonial period in GautemalaRacismIn Gautemala from the colonial period to the present the state has depended on racial Otherness as the ideological key to domination of Indians by nonIndiansGenderSince the work of both men and women was crucial to survival the relationship between men and women was characterized by a degree of respect and cooperation albeit organized along a gendered hierarchy of power relationsCultureThe increasing loss of ancestral lands is just one of the complex ways in which local meaning fractured and were reshapedCorn has been particularly important site of material practices but also cultural meaning and Mayan agency Mayan children have received their cultural education in part through growing preparing and eating cornTh
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