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antb20 week 8 and 9 articles

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Girish Daswani

Dick imagined lives chronotopesIn the neighbourhood of uriangato Mexico the majority of households have family members in the US and people regularly evoke lives beyond here in the course of routine activitiesIt is a refraction of ones present life through a prism of possible lives somewhere else USMigration discourse is very evident in the communityIt flows through conversations between spouses separated by migration It animates sidewalk gossip sessions And it draws lives imagined in migration into actually unfolding happenings in UriangatoIn this way migration discourse serves as a form of virtual spacetime travel through which the beyond here enters into the presentA key feature of this discourse is the production and circulation of images of a life beyondThe central feature of this routine of the neighbourhood is a timespace envelope or chronotope that contrasts Mexico and United StatesBakhtin uses the chronotope to describe how novelistic discourse fuses spatiotemporal indicators into integrated wholes in which time as it were thickens takes on flesh becomes artistically visible likewise space becomes charged and responsive to the movements of time plot and historyThus the production of chronotopes is one way actors make available times and spaces that otherwise would not be phenomenologically accessible like the beyond here of migrationLinguistic anthropologists have adapted Bakhtins work to the study of cultural chronotopes prevailing spacetime configurations particular to a given cultural milieu such as the chronotope that organizes migration discourseThis cultural chronotope relies on a modernist binary that configures theUnited States as a land of socioeconomic mobility and progress but also of moral dissolution and Mexico as a land of morality a
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