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University of Toronto Scarborough
Donna Young

ANTB21 Tutorial : 22.10.2013  Marked category: female  Language: the ways of communication and how it is used  Gender: social construct. Social roles: dance (f) – activities, physical sports (g) – attributes  Behaviors girls: caring, gentle, kind, calm, fragile. Boys: no emotion  Gender stereotypes “how masculine sperm was” rowdy, aggressive, active. Emily Martin: even the way that we think about sex or try to tell a story about reproduction, these gender stereotypes still exists within language which builds the reality.  Judith Butler – talks about how gender is performative. It allows us to think about the language the way people talk and shape the gender identities.- various ways in which it is expressed. Through language you’re actively producing gender and various effects + variabilities of gender.  Women tend to say I’m sorry more frequently than men – expressing concern, many learned element of conversation. Ritual apologies. Men apologize differently – status and exchanges. Many of them avoid it due to the fear of feeling down. – gender performativity.  The power of talk, Debrah Tannen **  How is gender indexed through language? Indexicality- not so much about pointing so much about the meaning, it co
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