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Maggie Cummings

Wedding Bell Blues Evelyn Blackwood There is a tendency to view heterosexual marriage as the norm and so it becomes the last bastion of defense against homosexualityThere is a tendency to view female headed households with suspicion especially because theyre found in problematic contexts ie areas of urban poverty or areas with high male emigrationHeteronormative marriage is the norm and is informed by the idea of a dominant heterosexual man who becomes the focal point of kinshipKinship and marriage revisitedMany argue that kinship is not dependent on marriage and perhaps marriage is an anthropological artifact Holy points out that Levi Strauss pointed out that certain forms of kinship are perpetuated through marriage and Borneman points out that marriage is still paradigmatic within anthroBorneman points out that marriage creates married individuals and unmarried noncohabiting others He wants to replace marriage with forms of sexual intimacy and expressionMarriage is experienced differently by men and womenKinships original wedding storyMarriage is composed of a husband and wife and based on the idea that its a vehicle for sexual reproductionAnthropologists created the Patriarchal Man a dominant heterosexual male at the core of kinship and marriageLevi Strauss starts with incest implying that marriage starts with men agreeing to trade women outside their tri
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