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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Sex and Society Ross and Rapp Sexuality is experienced culturally Biological fact does not just exist but must be interpreted This does not mean were understanding contexts better Were merely studying the catalogues of sexual behavior ie puberty ceremonies or asserting that is a learned social behaviorRR argue that we dont need a psychoanalytic theory that takes the personal between individuals and generalizes to the conflicts visible within society The relationship between sex and society is two way it both creates wider social relations and is created through societySexual appearance needs to be understood as cogs in a machine where different sized cogs have a different scale effect ie migration may limit sexual partners so is actually relevant to sex The onion by Geertz is an even better metaphor in that peeling it doesnt lead to an all powerful core the whole is what isThe metaphor that best represents the social embeddedness of sexuality must contain at least the following contexts 1 Kinship and family systems 2 Sexual regulations and definitions of communities and 3 National and world systemsFamily forms and kinship systemsKinship names and terminology tells us a lot about what is acceptable sexual practice incest child bearing etc For ex
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