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Week 9 - The Medical Imaginary and the Biotechnical Embrace (Good)

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Week 9Good The Medical Imaginary and the Biotechnical EmbraceIn reader pp 274283 November0711125 PMThe flow of knowledge scientific and medical cultural power market wealth products and ideas is not only between local cultures and institutions that create medical knowledge and organize practice ethics and the medical market bu talso between the culture and market of international and cosmopolitan biomedicine and its local variantsThe dynamics of the globallocal exchange challenge our notions of universalism in clinical science and local knowledge in clinical practice stimulating a rethinking of the boundaries not only between science and society but also between the local and the global The Medical Imaginary and the Political Economy of HopeThe medical imaginary that which energizes medicine and makes it a fun and intriguing enterprise circulates through professional and popular culture The connection between medical science and patient populations and the cultural and financial flow thus becomes deeply wovenAmericans invest in themedical imaginaryenthusiams for medicines possibilities arises not necessary from material products the with therapeutic efficacy but through the production of ideas with potential asyetunproven therapeutic efficacy The medical imaginary is thus stuff that has yet to happen yet the buzz of medicine and can often be commoditized and sold in th
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