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Kuriyama, Shigehisa. 1999. Preface and Epilogue. In The Expressiveness of the Body and the Divergence of Greek and Chinese Medicine. New York: Zone Books. Preface - A woman has been violated by a bandit, and her husband lies in a grove, stabbed dead. o In this case how do we know how the husband died; was it the bandit, the wife, was it suicide. A riddle we have to solve - Medicine is also a riddle; initially everyone thinks medicine is universal. It is when we look into the history of medicine we start to re-think the concept of medicine being universal - Comparing Chinese medicine and western medicine; in the Chinese language of medicine there’s no word for muscle or masculinity; when they look at the body they look more at the tracts or points of acupuncture whereas Western medicine looks at the overall body including bones and muscles and don’t really talk about acupuncture or traditional medicine. - You usually hear that people have different viewpoints. For example in a baseball game, the person at first base has a different view of the game from the person on second game because of the physical angle at which they are standing. Or in a shooting; witnesses can disagree but not because they are being dishonest but because their perspective was different depending on where they were standing. One person can see what the other can’t see - In medicine; we can’t say that Chinese medicine is different from western because of where they are standing. Neither can we collaborate them together into one view of medicine because each culture has their own perspective from the angle at which they see medicine. It would be impossible to talk about Chinese medicine and not mention acupuncture as the same with Western and not mentioning anything about muscularity. - Now in the 20 century; western and Chinese medicine are being known to each other; in china people actually complain about sore of muscl
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