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Paul Farmer TB Emergence of Tuberculosis  In this case, emerging is synonymous with re-emerging  Some attribute increased TB cases to HIV o Immunosuppressed populations  Antibiotics for TB has saved many lives, but death rates of TB was already in decline prior to 1943 discovery of streptomycin.  In some areas, TB rates have always been high o So the notion of TB battle having being won is wrong, and just shows the invisibility of the poor sufferers e.g. Haiti o Estimates are 1.7 billion people affected with TB  TB was acknowledged as ‘Great White Plague’ o That was when it also affected rich white males’  But when TB virtually disappeared from rich folk, it was assumed conquered o This was wrong, as TB was still affecting poor folk, people of color e.t.c o Ethnic minorities and other ‘undesirables’ account for most of excess cases  The disease has never disappeared in some neighbourhoods, contrary to claims. So in some nneighbourhoods it is not resurgent because it never disappeared! Shenoi Article  Infection present in 1/3 of world population  Estimated 12-14 million people coinfected with TB and HIV  Multidrug-resistant TB (MDR TB), defined as resistance to the two most potent first-li
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