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ANTC68 WINTER 2013 Week # 10: Surveillance, Eradication and Control: Successes and Failures William Foege  6 lessons that require examination on disease eradication and control  1 lesson is the absolute importance of problem definition – we need to invest even more in SURVEILLANCE o no substitute for knowledge o think from the viewpoint of pathogenic agent o be willing to do heroic things which will change from disease to disease but DO IT o surveillance can be set up in a small amount of time but you should not rely on this mode ALL THE TIME o constant feedback necessary to tailor solutions to unique problems you come across to have an effective measure put in place  Another part of the problem definition is the lesson learned wit the Epidemic Intelligence Service program in the US o Response to biological warfare o Now we know a lot about polio, measles, hepatitis and diseae control problems in the US o Created a national network which has strengthened the public health system  There needs to be an urgent need of global colations, networks and partnerships o WHO helped us combat polio, smallpox and guinea worm o Don’t rely on WHO leadership, these diseases became priorities from colatiions who put it on the world agenda  A useful approach to disease eradication or control is to change the question  Fourth, primacy of prevention which the primacy of vaccines
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