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ANTC68WINTER 2013 Week 7 Avian and Pandemic InfluenzaA Biosocial Approach by Kleinman et AlAbstractThis abstract summarizes conference proceedings from the Harvard University Asians Flus and Avian Influenza Workshop held in December 2006 which introduced a BIOSOCIAL APPROACH to the preparation for and control of pandemicsA biosocial approach brings together the biological and social sciences to develop an integrative collaborative response to the threat of pandemic influenzaThese articles address the historical siting of epidemics political and structural pandemic preparedness in China lessons to be taken from the 1976 swine flu affair possibilities for genetic engineering as an alternative to poultry vaccination issues to be considered in the control of infectious disease in swine and avian species the ecology of influenza in migratory birds and issues of stigma and trust during the control of epidemics The need to build public trust and public health infrastructure is one of the primary messages of this collection BodyPeople have been warning of a global influenza pandemic rivaling that of 1918 and saying it is very imminentRather than simply adding more layers of scientific or political analysis the articles in this supplement to the Journal of Infectious Diseases propose a different way of preparing for and potentially intervening in an event such as an influenza pandemicnamely a biosocial approach A biosocial approach brings together the biological and social sciences in a collaborative effort to better understand a disease eventWhat has been lacking is an attempt to combine this knowledge and examine the multidirectional interactions among the various pieces that too often are studied in isolationThese articles are drawn from the diverse fields of molecular biology veterinary biology history anthropology ecology public health and political economy and represent a sample of the work that emerged from a highlevel conference held at Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts in December 2006Rosenbergs article argues for the im
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