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Mary Silcox

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Platyrrhini (new world monkeys Cercopithecoidea Hominoidea 3 premolars) (old world monkeys) (apes and humans) Platyrrhines Catarrhines Broad nostrils Narrow nostrils Three molars Two molars No ear tubes Ear tubes stem platyrrhines Zygomatic-parietal contact Frontal-shenoid contact Catarrhini (2 premolars) Entepicondylar foramen No entepicondylar foramen Ischial tuberosity (sitting stem catarrhines pads) Anthropoidea stem anthropoids Old World Monkeys and Apes are catarrhines Old World Monkeys Apes Bilophodont (2 crests that link crests together used for cutting) Apes teeth are more primitive (retained the crest – crista oblique) Olecranon process of the ulna extended posteriorly Olecranon process short Short medial epicondyle that is posteriorly directed Large medially directed medial epicondyle Pronounced medial keel to the trochlea (no lateral keel) stabilizes Spool-shaped trochlea (both medial and lateral keels) joint for support Curved forearms Straight forelimbs (longer time hanging) Colobinae Cercopithecinae Asia Africa Primarily Arboreal More Terrestrial Mostly folivorous – high crests Mostly frugivorous – low rounded cusps Broad interorbital region Narrow interorbital region Narrow incisors Broad incisors Deep jaw Shallow jaw High cusps Low cusps Complex stomach (digest leaves) Cheek pouches Long legs, short thumbs and long tail (not prehensile) Arms and legs are similar length Short skulls Long skulls Colobines were thought to be more primitive than cercopithecines (similar to gibbons, all OWM have bilophodont (folivorous) however this is incorrect proven by the Victoriapithecus Species Diet Locomotion & activity Taxonomy and other features Saadanius Presence of a tubular ectotympanic shows hijazensis that it is closer to catarrhines Oligocene 28 to 29 The common ancestor of apes and old world mya monkeys Saudi Arabia Victoriapithecus Frugivorous Quadruped / semi terrestrial Family: Cercopithecidae Maboko island, Has ischial callosity (OWM trait) Distal Humerus: big medial Subfamily: Victoriapithecinae K
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