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Chapter 1

Chapter One Review: Charting the Heavens

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Brian Wilson

September 14 , 2010 ASTA01H Intro to Astronomy and Astro Part I Chapter One: Charting the Heavens Our Place in Space (pg.4) Universe: The totality of space, time, matter, and energy Astronomy: The study of the universe Light-year: A unit for measuring distance, the distanced traveled by light in a year (about 300,000 kilometers per second, typically 10 trillion kilometers a year) A typical galaxy is a collection of a hundred billion stars, about 100,000 light-years in diameter Distances in space are truly astronomical and often hard to wrap your head around such vast distances and sizes Scientific Theory and the Scientific Method (pg.6) The earliest descriptions of the universe were based largely on mythology and imagination The power of logical and reasoned arguments grew and the power of myths weakened They realized that thinking about nature was no longer sufficient looking at it was also necessary Theory: The framework of ideas and assumptions used to explain some set of observations and make predictions about the real world these theories must be continually tested A theory to construct a theoretical model of a physical object (planetstar) or a phenomenon (gravity) that accounts for its known properties If experiments and observations favour this proposed models, the theory can be developed and refined. If not, the theory must be reformulated or rejected , this approach to investigation, combining thinking and doing is called scientific method www.notesolution.com
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