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Chapter Twelve Review: Saturn

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Brian Wilson

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Nov. 2 , 2010 ASTA01H Intro to Astronomy and Astrology Part I Chapter 12: Saturn Orbital and Physical Properties Overall Properties Less than a third of the size of Jupiter Composed primarily of hydrogen and helium like Jupiter o Saturns lower mass, however, results in lower interior pressure, so these gases are less compressed than in Jupiters case Rotation Rate Also rotates very rapidly and exhibits differential rotation The planets core rotational period is 10 hours and 46 minutes Because of Saturns lower density, its rapid rotation makes it even more flattened than Jupiter Rings The rings are very thin, a few tens of meters, even though they are over 200,000 km in diameter Saturns Atmosphere Much less colourful than Jupiter o Ie. Bands and storms do exist but colour changes that would distinguish them on Jupiter a largely absent on Saturn Composition and Colouration Astronomers believe that Saturns relative lack of atmospheric helium, compared to Jupiter, is a result of this heavier element sinking towards the planets core www.notesolution.com
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