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Chapter 4

Chapter Fourteen Review: Solar System Debris

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Brian Wilson

Nov. 16 , 2010 ASTA01H Intro to Astronomy and Astrology Part I Chapter 14: Solar System Debris Asteroids Asteroids are relatively small, predominantly rocky objects that revolve around the Sun Few asteroids are larger than 300 km in diameter Generally move on somewhat eccentric trajectories Orbital Properties Over 250,000 asteroids and their precise orbits catalogued asteroids The total number of known asteroids now exceeds 500,000 The vast majority of these bodies are found in the asteroid belt, located between 2.1 and 3.3 AU from the Sun Such a compact concentration of asteroids in a well-defined belt suggests that they are either the fragments of a planet broken up a long time ago or primal rocks that never managed to accumulate into a genuine planet Probably not the remnants of a planet, as the total mass isnt sufficient to suggest this origin Physical Properties Asteroids have been found to differ amongst themselves in composition, not only against the planets and moons o The darkestleast reflective ones contain large fractions of carbon in their makeup These asteroids are known as C-type asteroids Are believed to consist of very primitive material www.notesolution.com
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