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2 Apr 2012
Chapter 32 Introduction to Animal Organization and Physiology
Anatomy study of structures of organisms
Physiology study of the functions
3.1 Organization of the Animal Body
Cells must be surrounded by aqueous solutions (ions and molecules (which must remain
balanced to prevent the osmotic water pressure from swelling the cell)).
Cells are organized into tissues (cells with the same structure and function that work
together as a unit)
Organs are composed of two or more different tissues
Organ system coordinates the activity of two or more organs.
3.2 Animal Tissues
Junctions link cells into tissues
Anchoring Junctions
Tight Junctions
Gap Junctions
Button like spots or
belts that hold cells
together (stretchy)
Seals spaces
between cells to
prevent (leak proof)
Open channels
between cells in the
same tissue
Skin and heart
Urinary bladder
Muscle tissue
Four basic tissue groups: epithelial, connective, muscle, and nervous
- Sheet like layers of cells that are
usually joined tightly together with ECM
- Covers body surface and surface of
internal organs
- Protect body from bacteria and viruses
- Layer of Glycoproteins
Is known as the Basal lamina
- Simple one layer of cells
- Stratified many layers of cells
- Shape of cell squamous (diffusion),
Cuboidal (secretion, absorption)
And columnar (secretion, absorption)
- exocrine and endocrine glands
32.2 b connective tissue supports other body tissues
connective tissues supports body tissues, transmit mechanical and other forces, and
sometimes act as filters
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