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Chapter 16

Lecture 16 - Chapter 16 Key Terms

Biological Sciences
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Marc Cadotte

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Chapter 16 Key Terms
x alternative stable states
o Different community development scenarios that are possible at the same location
under similar environmental conditions.
x climax stage
o The final stage of succession, viewed as a stable end point that experiences little
x disturbance
o An abiotic event that kills or damages some organisms and thereby creates
opportunities for other organisms to grow and reproduce.
x hysteresis
o An inability to shift back to the original community type, even when the original
conditions are restored.
x pioneer stage
o The first stage of primary succession.
x primary succession
o Succession that involves the colonization of habitats devoid of life. Compare
secondary succession.
x secondary succession
o Succession that involves the reestablishment of a community in which most, but
not all, of the organisms have been destroyed. Compare primary succession.
x stable
o Returning to the original state after some perturbation.
x stress
o An abiotic factor that results in a decrease in the rate of an important
growth, or reproduction.
x succession
o The change in species composition over time as a result of abiotic and biotic
agents of change.
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