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Chapter 18

Lecture 17 - Chapter 18 Key Terms

Biological Sciences
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Marc Cadotte

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Chapter 18 Key Terms
x biofuel
o A liquid or gas fuel made from plant material (biomass).
x biotic resistance
o Interactions of the native species in a community with non-native species that
exclude or slow the growth of those non-native species.
x carbon neutral
o Of or relating to fuels that produce an amount of CO2 when burned that is equal to
or less than the amount taken up by the plants from which they are made.
x complementarity hypothesis
o A hypothesis proposing that as the species richness of a community increases,
there is a linear increase in the positive effects of those species on community
function. Compare redundancy hypothesis.
x driver and passenger hypothesis
x dynamic equilibrium model
o An elaboration of the intermediate disturbance hypothesis proposing that species
diversity is maximized when the level of disturbance and the rate of competitive
displacement are roughly equivalent.
x equilibrium theory
o A proposed explanation for the coexistence of species in a community that relies
on relatively stable coexistence due to ecological and evolutionary
x intermediate disturbance hypothesis
o A hypothesis proposing that species diversity in communities should be greatest
at intermediate levels of disturbance because competitive exclusion at low levels
of disturbance and mortality at high levels of disturbance should reduce species
x lottery model
o A nonequilibrium hypothesis proposing that species diversity in communities is
disturbance, stress, or predation are captured at random by recruits from a larger
pool of potential colonists.
x nonequilibrium theory
o A proposed explanation for the coexistence of species in a community that relies
on fluctuating conditions that maintain their coexistence by keeping dominant
species from monopolizing resources. Compare equilibrium theory.
x redundancy hypothesis
o A hypothesis that assumes an upper limit on the positive effect of species richness
on community function because once species richness reaches some threshold, the
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