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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Mark Fitzpatrick

Chapter 4: Cells J The Working Units of Life 4.1 What features of cells make them the fundamental unit of life? N Cell theory has three important implications: o Studying cells is similar to studying life o Life is continuous o Origin of life marked by the origin of first cells N Cells are generally small (exceptions: eggs of birds and neurons) N It is a practical necessity arising from the change in the surface area to volume ratio o The volume of a cell determines the amount of chemical activity it carries out o The surface area of a cell determines the amount of transfer across the membrane N As the cell increases in size, its chemical activity growsfaster than the rate it can transfer molecules in and out J which results in waste build up. N Also the cell must transfer materials from one end of the cell to another, smaller cells achieve this better N Things are grouped together via various factors: structure, organization, methods of acquiring energy, reproduction and gene sequence of cells
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