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Biological Sciences
Effiette Sauer

Chapter 6 (6.4-6.7): Cellular Respiration Lecture Twelve 6.4a Pyruvate Oxidation  Pyruvate travels from the cytosol to the intermembrane space though large pores in the outer membrane  Then decarboxylation occurs, releasing C2 NAD+ is reduced to NADH and then CoA bonds to the acetyl molecule which transports the molecule into the matrix  2 CO2, 2NADH and 2Acetyl-Coa 6.4b Kreb Cycle  Stage in Cellular Respiration where the remaining carbon atoms from glucoses are converted into CO2  Per one acetyl-CoA o 1 acetyl-CoA + 3 NAD+ + 1 FAD + 1 ADP + 1Pi +2H20  2CO2 + 3NADH + 1 FADH2 + 1 ATP + 3H+ + 1 CoA o Per glucose: 4 CO2 6NADH 2FADH2 2ATP 6H+ 2CoA 6.5a ETC converts NADH to FADH2  Chain facilitates the transfer of electrons from NADH and FADH2 to oxygen through complex 1 NADH dehydrogenase, complex 2 succinate dehydrogenase, complex 3 cytochrome complex, complex 4 cytochrome oxidase, they are shuttled through by mobile carriers 6.4c Chemiosmosis  ETC doesn’t directly produce ATP instead it build a concentration gradient in the intermembrane space  NADH has more potential energy because its electron passes through 3 complexes, FADH skips the first complex  Each time electron goes through a complex it pumps H+ into the inter membrane space, creating electrochemical difference  Proton-motive force: combo of voltage difference and concentration gradient  Chemiosmosis: harnessing the proton-motive force to do work  Oxidative Phosphorylation: oxidation of energy rich molecules by ETC to create ATP  H+ is pumped into ATP synthase to create ATP 6.5d ATP Synthase is a Molecular Molecule  ATP is not a product of electron transport but ATP is synthesized by chemiosmosis which consumes the proton gradient generated by electron transport 6.5e Electron Transport Chain and Chemiosmosis Can Be Uncoupled  Fundamental concept that is important to grasp is that ETC and chemiosmosis are separate
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