Chapter 4

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Biological Sciences
Mark Fitzpatrick

BIOA01 J LEC 02 CHAPTER 4 CELL STRUCTURE N All life on earth as we know it and all the evidence from the life that has been here in the past, comes from a common ancestor J we share a lot of characteristics in common J elephant, human, or bacteria HOW IS ALL LIKE ON EARTH RELATED? N All life on earth consists of organized cells o Takes energy just because of the fact that they are organized N All organisms contain heritable genetic information for reproduction o Important for evolution o If the organism is able to survive, they are able to reproduce and pass down its genetic information o Ultimately the mandate from a biological standpoint isto live long enough to reproduce N All organisms show growth and development o Ex. Human egg Human N All organisms respond environmental stimuli o Ex. Some plants excrete chemicals to keep away pests, organisms and illuminate practises o Ex. Sunflowers moving towards the sun N All
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