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Biological Sciences
Mark Fitzpatrick

Chapter 3 Macromolecules and the Origin of Life What Kinds of Molecules characterize Living Things? -polymer-> covalent bonding of smaller molecules called monomers -macromolecules-> polymers with molecular weight exceeding 1000 i.e. protein, polysaccharide, nucleic acid Functional groups give specific properties to molecules -functional groups are small groups of atoms that have specific chemical properties -when attached to molecules, the functional group exhibits specific chemical properties on the large molecules Isomers have different arrangements of the same atoms -isomers are molecules that have the same kind and number of atom, but are arranged differently -structural isomers differ in how their atoms are joined together -optical isomers-> molecules that are mirror image of each other The structure of macromolecules reflect their functions -nucleic acid stores information ->hereditary material that carries traits of species from generation to generation -macromolecules contain many different functional groups Most macromolecules are formed by condensation and broken down by hydrolys
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