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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Mark Fitzpatrick

Chapter 11 DNA and Its Role in Heredity Evidence that Gene is DNA Frederick Griffith -developed transforming principle -living S strain when injected in the mouse can result in death -living R strain is not harmful -heated (deformed) S strain is injected, mouse remains healthy -but when heated S strain is mixed with R strain and injected in the mouse, the mouse is dead -it suggests that cells in R strain are able to transform cells in S strain genetically and cause it to become active Oswald Avery -stated when DNA of molecules is destroyed, transforming principle is lost as well -added RNase, protease, and DNase separately to the titrated heated S strain and R strain mixture -the mixture where DNase is added results in R strain bacteria only, S strain is gone ->DNase destroys the DNA in S strain, preventing it from transforming to functioning cells -the mixture where RNase and protease are added result in both S and R strain -this proves DNA is the transforming substance Hershey-Chase Experiment -used
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