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Chapter 6

chapter 6

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Biological Sciences

My notes Chapter 6Lecture5 63 What are enzymes y When we know the change in free energy G of a reaction we know where the equilibrium point of the reaction lies the more negative G is the further the reaction proceeds toward completionG doesnt tell us anything about the rate of reactiona chemical substance that accelerates a reaction without itself being consumed in the y Catalystoverall course of the reactionCatalysts lower the activation energy of a reactionEnzymes are biological catalysts y Enzymes a protein on the surface of which are chemical groups so arranged as to make the enzyme a catalyst for a chemical reaction y A biological catalyst whether protein or RNA is a framework or scaffold in which chemical catalysis takes place y An exergonic reaction may release a great deal of free energy but the reaction may take place very slowlySome reactants are slow because there is an energy barrier between reactants and productsthe energy barrier that blocks the tendency for a set of chemical substances y Activation energyto react y Transitionstate species a shortlived unstable intermediate with high potential energy in a chemical reaction y An effective way to speed up a reaction in a living system is to lower the energy barrier by bringing the reactants into close proximity
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