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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 (Fall2010)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

BIOA01FALL2010 CHAPTER 10 Genetics Mendel and Beyond 101 What are the Mendelian Laws of InheritanceReciprocal crosses plants are crossed in opposite direction always gave identical results showing that both parents contribute equally to the offspringHereditary determinants do not blend in offspringCharacter observable physical featureTrait partricualr form of character like colourHeritable trait trait that is passed from parent to offspringTrue breeding observed trait was the only form present for many generationsMendels Pea Plant crossfertilized parental generation P the new generation was first filial generationF1in some experiments the F1 plants were allowed to self pollinate to produce F2Monohybrid cross monohybrid organisms made from parents differing in only one trait are allowed to self pollinate or crossed with one anotherRecessive trait trait that disappears in the F1 geenration of true breeding crossesof the F2 generation showed the dominant trait andshowed recessiveParticulate Theory units responsible for inheritance of specific traits are present as discrete particles that occur in pairs and segregate from one another during the formation of gametesgenesAlleles different forms of a geneTrue breeding individuals contain 2 copies of the same genehomozygousHeterozygous contain 2 different types of allelesPhenotype physical appearanceGenotype genetic consitutionMendels First Law of segregation when any individual produces gametes the two copies of a gene separate so that each gamete receives only one copyLocus particular site on the chromosome where the gene is locatedGenes most times are expressed as enzyme dominant is functional and recessive is nonfunctional
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