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Biological Sciences
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Stephen Reid

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and d becoming the are stationary dont arger Xylem transports ked specialized tissues nicellular organism oots The roots are the face area A shoot stem is which includes the plantsnd to grow closer to the er water content Therefore duce both egg and sperm ng microspores which develop into male gametophytele gametophytehe sporophyte stagegreen algae and fungi A group of green algae endeophs multicellular and made of cellulose Plants system which allow these plants to grow tall and l waxy layer that prevents water loss They also lactosynthesis myamillion years agoginated around 3600 mya first and most primitive u apical meristems which results in branching and rs Its located underground and covers a larger surphloem They are poikilohydric little control ov more than 300 000 living species and has 10 phylavironments Since they lack vascular tissue they ted archaea and then theres the group of eukaryotes omosporous can make only one type of spore can proeterosporous can produce 2 types of spores One beiHHthe other being megaspores which develop into femaaploidproduces gametes protects and nourishes tiploidproduces spores HDLand plants are eukaryotes and most are photoautotrVascular plants have an internal water circulation Sporangia produces spores by meiosisNon vascular plants lacked cuticles Cuticles are aOxygen resulted in the appearance of cyanobacteria 12 Tree of lifeplants move Plants have 2 multicellular stagesanchoring structures that absorb water and nutrientwhich help to transport water xylem and minerals these non vascular plants live and grow in moist engroundwater and phloem transports sugar They also havelocated above ground and absorbs light energyancestor of plants The kingdom Plantae consists ofTree of life prokaryotes which include bacteria an 4500 mya is when the earth formed then bacteria orifollowed by green algae approximately 1200 mya pho
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