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Chapter 32

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Biological Sciences
Stephen Reid

Chapter 32Introduction to Animal Organization and PhysiologyAnatomystudy of structures of organisms Physiologystudy of the functions31 Organization of the Animal BodyCells must be surrounded by aqueous solutions ions and molecules which must remain balanced to prevent the osmotic water pressure from swelling the cell Cells are organized into tissues cells with the same structure and function that work together as a unitOrgans are composed of two or more different tissues Organ systemcoordinates the activity of two or more organs32 Animal TissuesJunctions link cells into tissuesAnchoring Junctions Tight Junctions Gap Junctions Button like spots or Seals spaces Open channels Info belts that hold cells between cells to between cells in the together stretchy prevent leak proof same tissue ExamplesSkin and heart Urinary bladder Muscle tissue muscle Four basic tissue groups epithelial connective muscle and nervousEpithelial Sheet like layers of cells that areusually joined tightly together with ECMCovers body surface and surface ofinternal organsProtect body from bacteria and virusesLayer of GlycoproteinsIs known as the Basal laminaSimpleone layer of cellsStratifiedmany layers of cells Shape of cellsquamous diffusion Cuboidal secretion absorption And columnar secretion absorptionexocrine and endocrine glands322 b connective tissue supports other body tissuesconnective tissues supports body tissues transmit mechanical and other forces and sometimes act as filters
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