Chapter 54 Population Ecology

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Kamini Persaud

Sanchika Kanagalingam April 11 2011 Biology II Chapter 54: Population Ecology Basic Definitions Population: all the individuals of a species in an area Population structure: number of individuals at different ages and where do those age groups live Population Density: individual per unit area o How close together individuals live o Influence interactions with one another Demographic event: this that change the population o Birth death o Individuals coming into population and leaving o All put together make population dynamic Study of population dynamics is called demography How do Ecologists Study Populations? To study population you will have to be able to keep track of animals over time to know what is happening to the population Use tracking devices such as tags and markers to facilitate research Tracking devices may provide addition physiological and environmental data o have become more sophisticated now can use computer chips embedded in them heartbeat, pulse and temperature can be obtained Molecular markers o Track where individuals have been
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