Chapter 56: Ecosystem Ecology

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Biological Sciences
Kamini Persaud

Sanchika.K 04.13.10 Biology II Chapter 56: Ecosystems and Global Ecology Ecosystems; when communities live in environments, the environments they live in is in different ecosystems. They need to survive to survive and reproduce: o Energy o Nutrient o Globally how they cycle through the different ecosystems How energy and matter goes through the ecosystems are different o Energy is a open system Always lost never returned Earth is a open system with respect to energy o Matter cycles through the system in a closed system Not be created or destroyed Never comes back in a form to be used again Earth is a closed system with the respect to energy Energy o The source that drives the cycle o Primarily comes from the sun o Drives everything on earth o Is usually lost as heat o Drives the matter in the cycle The drive is usually cyclic Energy is from the sun, and radioactive decay The physical environment can be divide into 4 compartments whose organisms are very different o Ocean Most materials that cycle through the earth end up in the ocean Ocean can only exchange materials at with the atmosphere only at the surface Cant cycle with materials at the bottom of the ocean Materials cycle through slowly, materials stay in the ocean for a long time Most matter cycle through organisms which then can use them through upwelling zone Water is shallower at the upwelling zone Offshore winds blow over the surface of these water which results in cycling of nutrients Colder water bring up nutrients to the surface where the organisms can use
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