Chapter 52 notes

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Biological Sciences
Kamini Persaud

chapter 52: 52.1: ecology : is the scientific study of the rich and varied interactions between organisms and their environment community: Any ecologically integrated group of species of microorganisms, plants, and animals inhabiting a given area. biosphere: All regions of Earth (terrestrial and aquatic) and Earths atmosphere in which organisms can live. environment: Whatever surrounds and interacts with a population, organism, or cell. May be external or internal. abiotic : nonliving biotic : living 52.2: climate: The average of the atmospheric conditions (temperature, precipitation, wind direction and velocity) found in a region over time. (climate is long term temperature, weather is short term temp.) solar energy drives global climate : intertropical convergence zone: The tropical region where the air rises most strongly; moves north and south with the passage of the sun overhead. when a region lies under the intertropical convergence zone it is in the middle of the wet season rain shadow: The relatively dry area on the leeward side of a mountain range. windward side of moutain is wet, leeward side of mountain is dry, due to cloud climbing up moutain getting cold, release water, going down to leeward side of mountain, getting hot and absorbing moisture oranisms must adapt to changes in their environment : dispersal : Organisms that moved or are moved to a new place migration: The regular, seasonal movements of animals.
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