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Biological Sciences
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Kamini Persaud

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56: Ecosystems and Global Ecology The physical environment can be divided into four compartments, whose organism are very different Earth is a closed system with respect to matter but open with respect to energy Energy from the sun and radioactive decay that melts the magma in the earths interior drive the processed that move materials around the planetmany of the processed are cyclic 56.1: What are the compartments of the global ecosystem: Oceans o Exchange materials with the atmosphere only at their surface o Respond slowly to inputs, receive material from land in river run off o Upwelling zones: occur where offshore winds push water away from shore Cold bottom-water that moves up is nutrient rich and supports a high photosynthetic rate Most fisheries are in upwelling zones Over very long time scales, most materials that cycle thought the four compartments end up in the oceans Fresh waters: o Rivers, lakes, ground water o In lakes, nutrients taken up by aquatic organisms end up as part of the sediments o Surface waters of lakes become depleted in nutrients o Bottom water becomes depleted in oxygen o Turnover or mixing reverses this process turnover in shallow lakes caused by wind and turnover in deep lakes is controlled by temperature o In summer, surface waters warm and the less dense water layer floats over colder, more dense bottom watertransition called the thermocline
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