Chapter 53 notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Kamini Persaud

chapter 53 : 53.1 : ethology: An approach to the study of animal behavior developed in Europe. Emphasizes the causes of the evolution of behavior. 53.2: deprivation experiment : investigators rear a young animal so that it is deprived of all experience relevant to the behavior under study. If it still exhibits the behavior, we may assume that the behavior can develop without opportunities to learn it. genetic experiments : investigators alter the genomes of organisms by interbreeding closely related species, by comparing individuals that differ in only one or a few genes, or by knocking out or inserting specific genes to determine how these manipulations affect their behavior. example of deprivation experiment : Squirrel grew up in cage not allowed to learn from other squirrels, was given a nut and bam it naturally tried to bury it and shit Selective breeding : Used on this like dogs and plants, so like hybrids Interbreeding : same breed of ducks like mating calls of same breed of ducks, hybrid ducks suck at the mating call Gene knockout experiments : Elminating a gene and seeing what happens, ex. In mouse they took off the mother caring motivation gene and the moms didnt give a fuck about their kids releaser: A sensory stimulus that triggers the performance of a stereotyped behavior pattern. (ex. the nut in the squirel experiment) Wasps get lost if the evironmental cues are displaced genes help learning, sparrows learning species specific song Hormones affect certain areas of the brain 53.3: habitat: The environment in which an organism lives. Chemicals help chose a habitat
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