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Biological Sciences
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Kamini Persaud

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Chapter 23: Species and their Formation 23.1 What are species? Species are the result of processes that unfold over time Speciation: process by which one species splits into 2 or more daughter species A species starts at a speciation event and ends either with extinction or another speciation event (produces daughter species) Happens gradually Interbreeding populationGenetically different but reproductively compatible -Also reproductively incompatible The point at which daughter populations can be considered a different species depends how you define distinct species Species=different kinds Defined in different ways 1) Morphological species concept: Recognize most species by their appearance Members look alike because they share alleles Use binomial system of nomenclaturebut we need something else because some males and females of the same species look alike and sometimes parents and offspring of same species dodont look alike 2) Biology species concept: Species are groups of actively or potentially interbreeding natural populations which are reproductively isolated from other such groups Individuals in a population can mate with each other but not with those of another population They are a distinct evolutionary unit within which genes recombine First level daughter populations are morphologically distinct, second level populations are morphologically and biologically distinct
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