Chapter 53 notes

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Biological Sciences
Kamini Persaud

Chapter 53: Behavior and Behavioral Ecology 53.1 What questions do biologists ask about ecology: Ethology: study of animal behavior from an evolutionary perspective Interactions related to inherited mechanisms and experience Proximate=mechanisms=how Ultimate=causes=why 53.2 How do genes and environment interact to shape behavior: the observation that a given behavior is stereotypic and requires little or no learning tells biologists little about the relative roles of genes and experience in the development of behavior animals may fail to perform a genetically controlled behavior if environmental stimulus is absent genes do not encode behavior genes only produce products like enzymes that can affect behavior by setting in motion a series of gene-environment mechanisms that enable individuals to make certain behavioral responses experiments that can carefully control the environment or modify the organisms genome can help distinguish between genetic and environmental influences on the development of behavior o Deprivation Experiments Isolate a young animal so that it is deprived of all experience relevant to the behavior under study If animal which is deprived still exhibits behavior it means that behavior if genetically coded and vice.versa o Genetic Experiments Alter genomes of organism by interbreeding closely related species by comparing individuals that differ by 1 or 2 genes, or by knocking out
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