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Biological Sciences
Kamini Persaud

Chapter 57 Conservation Biology What is Conservation Biology? - Conservation Biology: An applied scientific discipline devoted to preserving the diversity of life on Earth - Difference in conservation biology now: (i) multidisciplinary, (ii) doesnt only concentrate on species that benefit us. - Conservation biology is a normative scientific discipline. Normative = the embracing of certain values and the application of the scientific method in order to achieve these values. Conservation biology is a normative scientific discipline; not neutral. - Conservation biology is guided by 3 principles: 1. Evolution is the process that unites all of biology (you must know how evolutionary processes generate and maintain biodiversity to be able to preserve it) 2. The ecological world is dynamic therefore they is no static balance of nature that serves as a goal of conservation activities. 3. Humans are a part of ecosystems; human activities need to be incorporated into conservation goals and practices - The process of species extinction is a natural one, which has been done for millions of years even if humans were not on this Earth, extinction would occur, but our presence is causing it to become a problem. -The value of biodiversity to humans: - Humans depends on other species for food, fibre and medicine - Humans derive aesthetic pleasure from interacting with other organisms - Causing the extinction of other species raises serious ethical issues - Extinctions make the study of ecological relation
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