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Chapter 10

chapter 10 notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Dan Riggs

Chapter 10 Mendels findings: 1. Distinct factors of inheritance (genesalleles) govern the characteristics of plants through dominantrecessive. 2. Each gamete contains only one allele. 3. Law of segregation: pair of alleles segregate when forming gametes. 4. Law of independent assortment: segregation of one allele is independent of another. Sutton found 11 bivalents (pair of homologous chromosomes) and one free chromosone X (the sex chromosome). He also had the thought of linkage groups (which somewhat contradicted Mendels independent assortment). Morgan studied mutations on Drosophila and confirmed that genes reside on chromosomes and that there was linkage groups. He also suggested that crossing over (or genetic recombination) occurs. The percentage of recombination between a given pair of genes is constant while the percentage of recombination between different pairs of genes could be very different. Chargaff found out that the ratio of A:G:T:C was not 1:1:1:1 as predicted by the tetranucleotide theory. He also found that it is always www.notesolution.com
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