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Chapter 14

chapter 14 notes

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Biological Sciences
Dan Riggs

Chapter 14 Two major phases in cell cycle: M phase (mitosis + cytokinesis) and interphase (growth + preparation for dividing + other). Time between start of labeling period to appearance of the first labelled mitotic chromosomes = approximate length of G2. DNA replication + synthesis of additional histones occurs at the S phase. Most cells in the body are present in a state that precedes DNA synthesis, called G0. They only proceed to S phase to complete a cell cycle if they receive an internal signal. Cell fusion experiments show that the cytoplasm of a replicating cell contains diffusible factors that stimulate initiation of DNA synthesis in G1-phase nuclei, whereas G2-phase nuclei cannot respond to initiation factors present in S-phase cell cytoplasm. Prereplication complex can only occur during early G1 phase. G1 + M = premature chromosomal compaction to form a set of elongated compacted chromosomes G2 + M = premature chromosome compaction but doubled S + M = chromatin became compacted -> pulverized chromosomal fragments rather than intact. www.notesolution.com
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