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Biological Sciences
Connie Boudens

Muscle Origin Insertion External intercostals Inferior birder if each rib Superior border of more inferior rib Internal Intercostals Superior border of each rib Inferior border of the more superior rib Superior serratus posterior Spinous processes of C7-T3 and Superior borders of ribs 2-5 near ligamentum nuchae angles Inferior serratus posterior Aponeurosis from spinous Inferior borders of the ribs 9-12 processes of T10-L3 Diaphragm Xiphoid process, ribs 7-12 and Central tendinous sheet associated costal cartilages, and anterior surfaces of lumbar vertebrae External oblique External and inferior borders of External oblique aponeuroses ribs 5-12 extending to linea alba and iliac crest Internal oblique Thoracolumbar fascia, inguinal Inferior surfaces of ribs 9-12, ligament, and iliac crest costal cartilages 8-12, linea alba, and pubis Transversus abdominis Cartilages of ribs 6-12, iliac crest,Linea alba and pubis and thoracolumbar fascia Rectus abdominus Superior surface of pubis around Inferior surfaces of cartilages symphysis (ribs 5-7) and xiphoid process of sternum Levator scapulae Transverse processes of first four Vertebral border of scapula near cervical vertebrae superior angle and medial end of scapular spine Rhomboid major Ligamentum nuchae and the Vertebral border of scapula from spinous processes of vertebrae spine to inferior angle T2 to T5 Rhomboid minor Spinous processes of vertebrae Vertebral border of scapula C2-T1 Serratus anterior Anterior and superior margins of Anterior surface of vertebral ribs 1-8, 1-9, or 1-10 border of scapul
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