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Biological Sciences
Connie Soros

BIOB33 - Lecture #2 Readings Repairing Injuries to the Skin: Pg 104-105  Stem cells in the epithelial and connective tissue  Germinative cell divisions replace lost epidermal cells and mesenchymal cell divisions replace lost dermal cells  Regeneration requires 4 stages o Bleeding o Blood clot or scab forms at the surface to temporarily restore integrity of the epidermis and restricts entry of additional microorganisms to the area o Bulk of clot consists of an insoluble network of fibrin – fibrous protein that forms blood proteins during the clotting response  Cells of stratum basale rapidly divide and begin to migrate along edges of wound to replace missing epidermal cells  Microphages patrol the damage of the dermis  Divisions by fibroblasts and mesenchymal cells produce mobile cells that invade the deeper areas of injury  Endothelial cells of damaged blood vessels also begin to divide and capillaries follow the fibroblasts enhancing circulation  Combination of blood clot, fibroblasts and extensive capillary network = granulation tissue o Dermis contains an abnorma
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