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Biological Sciences
Marc Cadotte

Ecology BIOB50 Chapter 1 Cont’d- Ecology as Science Observation- scientist relies on it, looks for patterns Question- why is it this way? What causes this to happen? Research- read other research Guess- hypothesis Experiment- tries to prove that guess is wrong Analyze dataconclusion- solved problem or open more questions, generate more questions than beginning Ecologists use several methods to answer questions: 1-observational studies in the field 2-experiments in the field 3-controlled lab experiments 4-quantitative models Answering Questions Experimental Design 1-replicate- perform each treatment more than once, 2 types of fish 2-assign treatments at random 3-statistical analysis used to determine significant effects 2 Key R’s Replicate and Randomize -one plant with pesticide, one without -assume one without will do better -actually a bad experiment grouped species together (gradient of soil), differences that can affect results Randomize- accounted for any differences Variation- needs to use statistical tests Critical C: Control -negative relationship controlled- not adding fertilizer to plant e.g. fish inject them with chemical, what is the control? 1-hand catching may have growth on hormones 2-stabbing it with syringe (water) Experiments- 3 attributes 1-Generality- large-scale 2-Realism- don’t want to account for all variables in field experiments 2-Precision- precise measurements, r
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