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Biological Sciences
Stephen Reid

BGYC34; Fourth Assignment (2010) PhysioEx Lab 9 (Renal System Physiology) Introduction The goals of this experiment were to understand through computer simulations how arterial diameter( by decreasing or increasing arterial diameter) and blood pressure (by increasing or decreasing blood pressure) affected Nephron function individually and when combined together.In addition, this expeiment helped us understand the effect of solute gradient on urine concentration.Furthermore, the impoance of glucose carriers was also demonstrated. Lastly, the expeiment helped us understand the specific affects of hormones such as Anti diuretic Hormone (ADH) and aldosterone have on solute reabsorption and water uptake. Methods In order to determine the effect of arteriole diameter on glomerular filtration the affeent radius was set to 0.5 mm and efferent arteriole radius was set to 0.45 mm. If the left beaker was not full the refill button was clicked. Pressure gauge was adjuste to 90 mm Hg. Experiment was started and when the drain beaker was full the data was recorded (baseline). Next, the afferent radius was increased by 0.05 mm and the steps were repeated. The activity was repeated until a max afferent adius of 0.60 mm was reached. The afferent ateriole radius was the reduced to 0.30 mm and exp. run. Effect of pressure on Glomerular filtration was observed by highlighting pressure . It was mae sure the source beaker was filled with blood by clicking Refill. Pressure gauge was ajusted to 70 mm Hg, afferent radius to 0.50 mm and efferent radius to 0.45. The exp. was started. Afte the run finished data was then increased by 5 mm Hg till it reached a pressure of 100 mm Hg. Data was recorde and refill button cliked afte each experimental run. In order to observe combined effects Combined was highlighted. The experiment was started and data recorded. refill clicked an pressure was lowered to 80 mm Hg, efferent radius and afferent radius were left as it is. Exp. was run and data recorded and refill button cliked. Next, the square valve button was clicked above the collecting duct so that it read "valve closed". The expeiment was then stated and data recorded. To observe the effect of solute gradient of urine concentration. "gradient" was highlighted an dropper from ADH was dropped above the right hand side of nephron. Conc Grad mosm should read 300. Dispense was clicked and the experiment was run. When the probe turned red it was dragged over the urine collecting beaker to measure urine conc. Data was recorded. Next, the conc gradient was increased by 300 mosm uptil 1200 mosm and ata ecorded after each experimental run. Reabsorption of glucose was observed by highlighting glucose an conc grad (mosm) set to 1200 and Dispense clicked. Experiment was then started and data was recorded after each experimental run. Glucose carriers was increased to 100 and add carriers button was then clicked. Glucose carriers was then increased by 100 ata time and experiment was run till the number of carriers reached 500. Effect of hormones on reabsorption was observed by highlighting hormone an by setting the glucose carriers to zero and ispense clicked. Conc grad (mosm) was set to 1200 and experiment was started. At the end of the run Record Data was clicked (control). Droppe top from ADH was dragged and released on top of the right hand sie of the nephron. Start was clicked and Data Recoded. Next, both ADH and aldosterone were dispensed and experiment started then Data recorded. Results GLOMERULAR FILTRATION Activity 1: Effect of Arteriole Diameter on Glomerular Filtration (1 mark) Provide a table (or tables) that report(s) afferent radius, efferent radius, beaker pressure, glomerular pressure, glomerular filtration rate and urine volume for experiments designed illustrate the effects of: a) Increasing Afferent Radius b) Decreasing Afferent Radius c) Increasing Efferent Radius d) Decreasing Efferent Radius Activity 2: Effect of Pressure on Glomerular Filtration (2 marks) Provide a table that reports afferent radius, efferent radius, beaker pressure, glomerular pressure, glomerular filtration rate and urine volume for experiments designed illustrate the effects altering pressure. Activity 3: Combined Effects (2 marks) Provide a table (or tables) that illustrate(s) the adjustments that you made in afferent and/or efferent radius to compensate for the effect of the reduce
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