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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Stephen Reid

1BGYC34PhysioEx Lab 5Cardiovascular Dynamics Marking SchemePart 1Complete PhysioEx lab 5 Handin all of the pages associated with the lab Note that there are 8 activities to be completed You DO NOT need to hand in the histology review supplement 5 marksMarking Note There are 45 questions Each question is worth 1 mark Obtain a mark out of 45 and then convert it to a mark out of 5Activity 1 Studying the Effect of Flow Tube Radius on Fluid Flow 1 What happened to fluid flow as the radius of the flow tube was increasedBlood flow increased as the radius of the flow tube increased2 Circle the correct term within the parentheses Because fluid flow is proportional to the fourth power of the radius increases in tube radius cause increases in fluid flow decreases cause decreases3 Is the relationship between fluid flow and flow tube radius linear or exponentialExponential4 In this experiment a simulated motor changes the diameter of the flow tube Explain how our blood vessels alter blood flowBlood vessels can alter blood flow by either constricting vasoconstriction or dilating vasodilation Rings of smooth muscle around vessels either relax or constrict to cause the vasodilation or vasoconstrictionNoradrenaline released from sympathetic nerves can cause vasoconstriction by acting on alpha adrenoceptors Adrenaline released from the adrenal gland can cause vasoconstriction or vasodilation by acting on alpha and beta adrenoceptors respectively The relative quantity of alpha and beta receptors in any particular organ will determine whether there is vasoconstriction or vasodilation5 After a heavy meal when we are relatively inactive we might expect blood vessels in the skeletal muscles to be somewhat constricted whereas blood vessels in the digestive organs are probably dilated Activity 2 Studying the Effect of Viscocity on Fluid Flow6 How does fluid flow change as viscosity is modified
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