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Chapter 20

Lecture 18 -Chapter 20 Key Terms

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Biological Sciences
Marc Cadotte

Chapter 20 Key Terms N allochthonous o The input of energy and nutrients from outside the ecosystem. Compare autochthonous. N assimilation efficiency o The proportion of ingested food that is assimilated by an organism. N autochthonous o Energy and nutrients produced within the ecosystem. Compare allochthonous. N bioaccumulation o %K0574J7088L;0.43.0397,9L4341,8:-89,3.0L3,347J,3L828-44;07L98 lifetime. N biomagnification o An increase in the tissue concentrations of a substance at higher trophic levels that results as animals at each trophic level consume prey with increasing concentrations of the substance. N consumption efficiency o The proportion of the biomass available in an ecosystem that is ingested. N food web o A diagram showing the connections between organisms and the food they consume. N interaction strength o 20,8:70419K00110.941430850.L08545:O,9L43439K08L]041,349K07850.L08 population. N
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